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Terra Verde uses a collaborative, personalized approach when discussing security, risk and compliance initiatives with customers. Our objective is to understand your unique business and financial goals and regulatory requirements before suggesting how we can assist you in achieving your goals and objectives. As a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) we can create a customized, pragmatic plan to achieve compliance in all 12 PCI requirements. We can also perform your annual assessment or implement necessary controls.

Below is a list of our services portfolio that can be adapted to fit your business and unique requirements:



Penetration Testing, scans and assessments of networks, applications, websites, mobile applications, physical facilities. Includes Penetration Testing program development and remediation services as well as social engineering and phishing.



Readiness assessments, audits and gap analytics for PCI, HIPAA, ISO, FTC, NIST, and other industry or regulatory compliance. Includes compliance program development and remediation services.


Architecture, Design, Integration and Configuration of Alien Vault, Sophos, Fortinet, Imperva, Incapsula, Palo, Alto, Tenable, Cisco Technology. Includes Training on Alien Vault and Sophos Technologies.



Security program strategic planning including financial modeling roadmaps, policy and procedure development. Includes business continuity and disaster recovery planning, analysis and testing.



General information technology and security risk assessments and corporate and data security risk program development. Includes incident response, digital forensics and litigation services. Can also include 3rd party vendor reviews and security education training and awareness.

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