Help Wanted: Veterans are Ideal for Cybersecurity Careers

Cyber attacks have emerged as a leading threat to our national security. Our Nation needs skilled cybersecurity professionals to defend our country from cyber criminals who threaten our security, economic stability, and American way of life.

Veterans who have served and protected our country are well positioned to transition into these crucial roles. Through their military service, they already possess many of the skills necessary to succeed at cybersecurity.

“I was surprised at how well my military background prepared me for a job in cybersecurity,” said Able Green, a retired Army infantryman currently serving in the National Guard. Green works as a Program Analyst for the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office of Cybersecurity and Communications.

“In the military, nothing stays the same—you’re constantly adapting to change. Cybersecurity is the same way. New threats come out every day, so you’re always problem solving and learning something new.”

In honor of Veterans Day this November, DHS is helping U.S. veterans transition into new careers in cybersecurity, which offer competitive salaries and a rewarding role in protecting our Nation.

“Cybersecurity lets you stay in the fight,” said Green. “When you’re deployed, you have a strong sense of purpose about what you’re doing, and I missed that feeling when I retired. As a cybersecurity professional for DHS, I’ve found that sense of purpose again. I’m still protecting the country, but in a different way.”

Here’s a look at some of DHS’s resources for veterans transitioning to cybersecurity careers:

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Help Wanted: Veterans are Ideal for Cybersecurity Careers

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